"About a year after I opened my Maaco franchise, I turned to Bill Campbell and 9th Degree Advisors.  Working with Bill has been an exceptional experience.  He has provided me with a wealth of advice and has helped our company redefine our goals to be more achievable and realistic.


My meetings with Bill are invaluable.  His crucial component is simplicity; he keeps things clear-cut so they can be easily digested.  His unique sets of skills can help any business owner succeed."


Paul Faucheux
Waldorf Maaco



“I hired Kevin in August 2010 as a business coach to help me in the sales process. He has helped me develop a more structured approach to how I handle business development. The curriculum and materials used were great but it was the supporting ideas and advice taken from years of practical business and sales experience that was so valuable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kevin to any sales or business development professional looking to get back to the basics or sharpen their skills.” 


Paul Stivers

One Degree Capital





“Kevin Shane is tops in his field. I have attended his seminars and was impressed with his depth of knowledge in HR training. His easy manner in working with students elicits their best responses and achieves the desired goals. In addition, I have taken some of his testing instruments and the resulting in depth follow-up evaluations. Kevin is very professional and his feedback was impressive, on target, and useful. It has been my pleasure to recommend him to other individuals, banks, not for profit companies and commercial enterprise CEOs. In several cases he was hired to do evaluations and in one instance he was added as a member of a company training team to fulfill a governmental contract. He is the best in working with individuals and outstanding when teaching or working in group situations with high level executives. You can't go wrong to share in the talents and experience of Kevin Shane to make your organization or employees better. "


Charles A. White, Jr. President

BLA Financial, Alexandria VA


“Kevin brings a wealth of expertise to the group process environment. His ability to roll up his sleeves and work on a facilitation team is highly valued and his interaction with work groups is both efficient and effective.”


Lynda Mann, Vice President

AOC Solutions



“Kevin's counsel, advice and guidance has made an immediate positive impact to my company. He quickly gained the trust and confidence of our leadership and front line workforce which enabled him to gain insights about hidden issues slowing our corporate development. Most importantly, he's made sound and creative recommendations to enhance the working effectiveness of my team. If you want results, he's the one to hire.”


Adrian LaTrace, President

Acciona Windpower




























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