Advisory Board Now!

This program provides you immediate access to the experience of three accomplished CEOs with a wide range of expertise in building businesses, deep knowledge of the challenges faced by small companies and best practices for accelerating growth. No recruiting or vetting of candidates – simply “plug and play.”

  • 3 members from 9th Degree Advisors
  • 1 meeting/conference per month for the first 3 months; quarterly after that
  • Each meeting/conference is a minimum of 3 hours plus advance agenda planning
  • Single liaison from 9th Degree Advisors for email and phone calls

Advisory Board FastStart

The Advisory Board FastStart™ initiative is designed to enable you to rapidly build a Board that is as attuned to your strategy as possible based on factors unique to your organization. From the kickoff meeting to your first board meeting, the average engagement takes 4 to 6 months.

  • Review/revise strategy
  • Gap analysis
  • Establish goals for Board
  • Profile ideal members
  • Determine compensation, if any
  • Create a one-page “teaser” to attract and quickly inform prospective candidates
  • Interview company-identified candidates; advise on selection
  • On-board new members with code of conduct

Advisory Board Orientation

For the firm that wants to take the process from start to finish with a minimum of outside involvement, this program educates the client on effectively managing the formation of a Board and ensuring alignment with company goals and objectives.

  • Four 2.5 hour meetings plus phone calls and email
  • Orientation on Board formation and utilization
  • Craft a comprehensive development program
  • Establish goals for Board
  • Profile ideal candidates
  • Determine compensation, if any
  • Review a one-page “teaser” to attract and inform prospective candidates
  • Review and comment/feedback on candidate resumes




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