It happens in the business lives of most Owners and CEOs when they hit a wall and seem to struggle to reach the next level. At 9th Degree Advisors, all of our partners have been in that state and have successfully emerged stronger and better focused on a fresh path.  As your trusted advisor, you can count on our partners to deliver recommendations that are actionable and growth-oriented.


In our Executive Development practice we help CEOs to work more ON their business rather than IN their business.  Growth of your enterprise will be inhibited by your personal bandwidth so it becomes imperative that you adopt the leadership traits necessary to execute a strategy that ensures each member of your team understands his/her role and is held accountable for delivering results.

Our clients rely on us to meet with them several times each time month and address matters related to strategy execution and business development.   Our success as CEOs of small businesses ensures that you will benefit from our experience, avoid the common mistakes of first-time CEOs and accelerate through the learning curve of becoming a more effective leader.


  • Corporate/Business Strategy
  • Organizational Development
  • Business and Market Development
  • Professional Introductions
  • Leadership Skills Assessment/Improvement
  • Alliance/Channel Development
  • Customer/Employee Satisfaction Analysis




Business Operations are those ongoing reoccurring activities involved in the running of a business that produce value for the company and their clients. Successful operation of your business requires that you get the most value from your assets, whether tangible or intangible. Most often resources are limited therefore they must be skillfully and efficiently deployed. 

Managing your business operations is a critical component of running a successful business. Proper direction and management of your company’s resources can lower costs and increase efficiency within your organization.


Our CEO advisors have all re-engineered businesses to maximize return on time, talent and treasure.  We recommend best practices based on practical experience and up-to-date knowledge of current technology, software and services. You can introduce new and innovative ways of operating your firm, secure in the knowledge that an expert has vetted a fresh approach.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Research
  • Professional Introductions
  • Policy & Procedure Review
  • Internal Process Reviews
  • Metrics Development
  • Technology Management Consulting
  • Vendor Management
  • Procurement
  • Customer Relationship Management




Our experienced CEO advisors have led both large and small organizations and understand the complexities of small, mid-sized and large businesses structures. Their expertise can help strategically think through the human capital issues necessary to achieve your goals.

In today’s world of high tech and fast paced information sharing, it is easy to forget the human element of your business. People need leadership, good communication, clearly articulated goals and a sense of ownership in what they do. Linking the strategic plan to leadership
accountability, well trained employees and executable plans is the key to a successful Human Capital Strategy.
Our CEO advisors help organizations like yours improve these areas to achieve successful business results.

Working with your leadership team, we focus on individual leadership strengths and how they can be best used in meeting objectives. Through assessments, we review both the organization health, as well as individual capabilities to best align the organization for success. Whether executive coaching, or team development and training, each process is customized to your business and needs.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Management Development
  • Team Development and Training
  • Organization diagnostics and development
  • Individual and team assessments
  • Communications strategies





With major changes taking place in the way government does business, the Owner/CEO of a small government contractor must quickly identify those areas that provide the best opportunity for success.  Our CEO advisors have decades of experience working in and around Federal, State and Local government.  We are current on the issues that affect small business and can provide direction on maximizing results from your expense of time and money. Identifying “real” opportunities when doing business with the government can be incredibly challenging.  We are there to help cut through the fog and target those areas with the best chance of success.


  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Penetration Strategy
  • Capture Management
  • Market Research
  • Primary Introductions
  • Contracting/Teaming Relationships
  • Contracting Office Relations
























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